MP-5 EQ / Line Driver


Operation Voltage 11 - 14.5VDC
Current Consumption 0.4A max
Frequency Response 20Hz - 32KHz (+/- 1db)
Input Impedance 15K ohm
EQ. Center Frequencies 45, 160, 620, 3.3K, 15K (Hz)
Adjustable Subwoofer Frequency 40 - 120Hz (low-pass @ -12db/octave)
Subsonic Filter 15Hz or 30Hz @ -18db/octave
Highpass Filter 100Hz @ -18db/octave
THD+N <0.003 @ 1KHz, 8V output
Signal to Noise Ratio >105db @ 1KHz, 8V output
Maximum Output Level 10V @ 1KHz
Channel Separation >75db


The MP-5 EQ 10 Volt Line Driver can accept two different signal sources such as a CD player and an external DVD player. All input channels are independently adjustable via top mount trim pots. The signal is then fed into a sub-sonic filter that can be set at 15Hz and 30Hz. This keeps damaging frequencies from trashing your speaker's suspension.

The signal is then fed into the 5 Filters which provide up to 12db of boost or cut and allow custom tailoring of the entire audio spectrum.

After this, the signal enters the Crossover Filters.


The Sub Crossover (low-pass) is adjustable from 40 to 120Hz. This signal is sent directly to the Sub Output RCA jacks which have an independent Sub Level volume control. This allows easy balancing of the sub and treble amplifiers without changing filter settings or adjusting the head unit.

The Front and Rear output jacks can receive either Full Range audio or a switchable 100Hz /18db High Pass signal that can keep damaging bass frequencies out of the door speakers.

The MP-5 uses a unique all aluminum, clear anodized chassis. The controls are backlit with white LEDs behind the high-quality, retractable potentiometers.

Both Black & Silver face plates are included to allow matching of the interior and/or head unit.