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Making the most of the space available for installing a truly high-end audio system can be a challenge. With the same design philosophy that went into the award winning HEX Shallow subwoofers come the new HEX amplifiers. These amplifiers might be small but they are big on performance. Hex amplifiers feature Diamond Audio's proprietary Hi-Fidelity Ultra efficient Full Range Class D Technology that allows for a full 20Hz to 20kHz frequency bandwidth. Hex amplifiers have a fully adjustable 24dB per octave crossover. Two of the HA750.1 mono models can be combined or "strapped" to produce a single 1500 watts RMS channel. With the new HEX amplifiers Diamond Audio has once again raised the bar on the competition.


While it is true you can't be everything to everybody our new Diamond Audio flying “D” series amplifiers come close. We took the most popular features and models from the previous generation D1, D3 and D6 series amplifiers and combined them into one streamlined product range. The result is an easy to follow mix of performance and features that fit any budget. Common features include fully adjustable crossovers, up to 12dB of bass boost and RCA pass through outputs for easily adding additional amplifiers. Our new “Versa” badge makes for more flexible installation options. Some models include Hi-Level inputs for easy integration with factory audio systems. The new flying “D” series is only available at your local authorized Diamond Audio retailer.



At Diamond Audio we are always striving to be the best. And when you already build the HEX series, the most critically acclaimed speaker systems available for the automobile, this can be a very challenging goal to achieve.

HEX Pro takes everything we have ever learned about loudspeaker development to a whole new level. We start with an improved version of our award winning HEX Cone and our patented TDX Technology and combine that with the new Pro crossover for the very best speaker system ever offered for the mobile environment. Period!

Conventional speakers use large ceramic magnets surrounding the voice coil. These magnets retain heat. TDX™ motors use a small but very efficient neodymium magnet mounted inside the voice coil and are nearly 5 times more efficient than conventional designs. In conjunction with the motor design, TDX™ Technology utilizes a die-cast aluminum basket that helps to act as a heat sink for the encapsulated motor structure. This makes for the most advanced cooling process of any speaker available.

The HEX Pro sets a new benchmark in performance. With extremely low distortion, incredible accuracy and high thermal power handling. These speakers truly have no equal.

With the size of today's vehicle becoming more compact, the space available for installing high performance speakers is shrinking as well. The HEX S650 will fit locations other systems won't. The 6.5” midrange/ midbass driver is a slim 45mm (less than 2”) deep. The HEX S650 uses the same high strength neodymium motor and autoclave carbon fiber cone found on our award winning HEX subwoofers. HEX products have always been about sound quality and the S650 builds on that heritage. Like all HEX speakers they are available with your choice of 1” aluminum or 1” silk tweeters.




Something different. That was our design goal for the D6 convertible systems.

The midbass/midrange driver uses a butyl rubber surround attached to the same hard-anodized alloy cone that is found on our D6 subwoofers. This cone is lightweight and has the strength needed for tight, accurate midbass and smooth overall response. The frame is made of a high density proprietary composite ABS and is very rigid.

These systems have the unique ability to be used as either a component or a coaxial speaker. Depending on your requirements, the tweeter can be installed separately or mounted directly to the midbass/ midrange driver. With the option of either a 1” silk or aluminum dome tweeter you can choose the type of sound that fits your musical taste. Our model specific crossover with RAF (Rear Acoustic Fill) allows an additional pair of speakers to be added without the need of another amplifier.

The new D6 speakers are the definition of flexibility.


D3 speakers start with the same high density proprietary composite ABS frame found in our D6 convertible systems. They feature a butyl rubber surround and a graphite injected polypropylene cone for exceptionally accurate bass response. Whether choosing a component or a coaxial system all D3 speakers utilize 1” aluminum dome tweeters. Our D3 component systems use an outboard 18dB high pass/ 12dB low pass model specific crossover with RAF (Rear Acoustic Fill) allows an additional pair of speakers to be added without the need of another amplifier. You won't find a better combination of value and performance anywhere.






New for 2009 D1 speakers might be the starting point of our coaxial and component range, but they are anything but entry level. Most speakers at thie price level use a PEI (plastic) tweeter dome. D1 coaxial and component speakers use a real aluminum dome tweeter for detailed high frequency response. Rubber surrounds and stamped steel frames ensure these speakers will provide years of listening enjoyment for that trusted Diamond sound. D1 series speakers carry a one (1) warranty only, regardless of installation.









When you set out to build the very best subwoofer available there are many things to consider. How can you be all things to all people? Is there a sacrifice between great sound quality and all out SPL? What about size?

HEX Pro subwoofers are the no compromise solution. These subs are equally capable on all fronts. Utilizing Diamond Audio's patented sandwich cone technology and an encapsulated Neodymium motor structure these subs have no equal. They are lightweight in comparison with similar competing products yet outperform them on all fronts.

HEX Pro subwoofers truly are “Perfection defined”.


Diamond Audio HEX series products have always been about achieving great sound wihtout taking up much space. HEX Shallow subwoofers define this philosphy. Conventional subwoofers use a large ferrite motor mounted to the back of the basket. This makes shallow mounting extremely difficult. By using a neodymium motor, which is capable of creating the same magnetic force as a traditional ferrite motor, but at a fraction of the size, and mounting it in front of a woven carbon fiber cone, depth is no longer an issue. And since we are not squashing the entire subwoofer in an effort to improve the mounting depth, we don't sacrifice the geometry of the driver and therefore maintain the same type of performance you would expect from Diamond Audio.


Compromises. We all have to make them. But just because you compromise doesn't mean you have to settle. Diamond Audio D6 subwoofers are the perfect example. Whether your listening tastes are as varied as smooth jazz or gangsta rap these woofers won't disappoint.

We start with an industry leading hard-anodized alloy cone that is both extremely rigid and lightweight. We add an aluminum dust cap to help draw heat away from the voice coil. This improves power handling and reliability. Add in massive motor structures, vented Venturi cooling and large 3” dual voice coils, available in either 2 or 4 ohm, and you have a subwoofer to be reckoned with.

One listen is all it takes.

Like our D3 amplifiers, our D3 series 2 subwoofers are the definition of value and performance. With large 2.5” dual voice coils, available in 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm, beautiful polished back plates and dual spiders, with woven tinsel leads, these subs have features found in much more expensive models. All D3 series 2 subwoofers handle up to 400 watts RMS. Our proprietary aluminum dust cap pulls heat away from the voice coil so they play louder, longer.

These woofers work well in sealed enclosures but put them in a vented one and they absolutely excel. Visit an authorized dealer today to see and hear for yourself.

Original D3 still available in 8”.

The most dramatic improvement you will ever make to any audio system is by adding a subwoofer. D1 series 2 subwoofers make it easy. These subwoofers have large rolled rubber surrounds and larger 2" voice coils for better power handling than competing models. They are available in either dual 2 ohm or 4 ohm versions. They work equally well in small sealed or medium vented enclosures. They sound great. Best of all they are affordable.