Cerwin-Vega :


Stroker amplifiers are the perfect compliment to our award winning Stroker subwoofers. The 800 watt 4-channel S800.4 uses a full range class AB topology while the mono S1000.1 and S2000.1 use an ultra efficient class GH design. These mono model amplifiers are strapable, which means you can bridge or strap two identical models together to create one incredibly powerful channel. All Stroker series amplifiers feature our Vega Bass equalization circuit for the best low frequency reproduction possible.


Just because you have limited space doesn't mean you have to sacrifice great sound. The new Stealth series amplifiers from Cerwin-Vega Mobile were designed to go places that other amplifiers won't. We use a new full-range class D chip set that is very efficient and extremely reliable. These amplifiers don't suffer from any of the noise or sonic issues that are normally present in full-range class D designs. They just sound awesome. Visit one of our authorized dealers today and listen for yourself.


VEGA amplifiers are extremely flexible. Both RCA and High-level input connections make integrating these amplifiers into any system a snap. VEGA amplifiers are available in 2-channel, 4-channel and mono models. All VEGA amplifiers feature fully adjustable HI and Low pass crossovers and Vega Bass equalization.






Our new VMAX component systems are the best sounding speakers we have ever offered. VMAX component systems use the same low resonance, cast aluminum frames found in our VMAX subwoofers. The tweeter is a high power, 1” pure silk dome that is smooth well beyond 20kHz. The 12dB per octave outboard crossover uses hand matched components to ensure the best possible sound quality.


The Vega series speakers are the perfect complement to our Vega subwoofers. Vega speakers are designed to “drop in” to the existing factory mounting locations in your car for an easy installation. Vega coaxial speakers feature a .75” silk dome tweeter that delivers a warm, smooth sound. Vega component systems add an outboard crossover network and the tweeter size increases to a 1” dome.




For more than 20 years the name Stroker has been the standard by which all other high performance subwoofers are judged. Our new Stroker is the most powerful ever. This Stroker uses a massive 3” dual voice coils to handle a staggering 1200 watts RMS. The new terminal handles up to 8 awg wire and allows for all connections to be conveniently made on one side of the subwoofer. The removable cone assembly sets a new benchmark in easy to use field serviceability .


The problem with shallow subwoofers typically is that while they fit in tight spaces, they really don't produce much bass. The new Stealth series from Cerwin-Vega Mobile changes that notion. Our new Stealth series have as much output as a traditional subwoofer but are only 3” deep. They handle 400 watts RMS and work in all types of enclosure. If you want big woofer performance but can't afford to sacrifice the space, visit an authorized Cerwin-Vega Mobile dealer and listen for yourself.


Cerwin-Vega Mobile's VMAX subwoofers have been our most popular for over 10 years. There are many reasons why. VMAX subwoofers use low resonance heavy gauge cast aluminum frames. They have large 2.5” high power voice coils capable of 500 watts RMS power. All VMAX subwoofers use a mirror dual spider design with woven tinsil leads. VMAX subwoofers are available in dual 2 ohm and dual 4 ohm versions.


The first thing people associate with the Cerwin-Vega Mobile brand is the red rubber surround of the Vega series subwoofer. Easily recognizable and long regarded as the best value available in their class Vega subwoofers have always been installation flexible. Vega subwoofers are available in dual 2 ohm and dual 4 ohm and work well in both sealed and vented enclosures.






Cerwin-Vega Mobile has long been known for building some of the loudest, best sounding car stereo systems available and now you can get that same performance in your boat. The new Wave series features three high performance UV stable and saltwater tested marine-specific models. All models feature a unique water resistant composite chassis that effectively seals the speakers motor from the harmful elements. Coaxial models add a proprietary tweeter support that seals the back of the 1” metal dome and its crossover ensuring long life.