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The new Bazooka Elevated Listening (EL) Amplifiers quickly became legendary for their price to performance ratio. Newly redesigned for 2003, the amplifiers got a fresh new paint scheme, and now come standard with Carbon-Fiber inspired bikini's. And, if that wasn't enough, we added liquid cooling to keep the amps running their best under harsh conditions. These amplifiers all feature MOSFET devices, optional Remote Bass Control Modules (RBCM), and even an auxiliary output for a daisy chain connection of an amplified EL Bazooka tube subwoofer using the ELA-EXT. For the combination of performance and price, these amplifiers are in a class by themselves!   Laissez Les Bons Tem'ps Rouler! That's New Orleans talk for "Let the good times roll!"

That's exactly what the Mardi Gras Series from Bazooka will do for you. Designed from the ground up, these amplifiers have what it takes to keep the party going long after those other guys need a nap. And, they look clean too! Featuring a sleek heatsink design, illuminated logo badge, new circuitry, fan cooling, and even our legendary CHIL compatibility these amps are designed with one thing in mind....keeping the good times rollin!
  In 2005, Bazoooka Mobile Audio is taking it to the next level. To once again raise the bar, we're introducitng an entier new line of amplifiers that give you the flexibility to design a first class system from mild to wild and within any budget category--all from a single family of products! From a mild mannered 60 watts per channel stereo to a whopping 925 watt class D Monoblock, the Bazooka amplifiers live up to thier reputation of offering the best dollar to watt ratio in the industry!
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