ARC Audio :


SE AMPLIFIERS - From the mind of one of the premier engineers in the industry with over 30 years of experience in the world of automotive amplification, comes the Signature Edition by Robert Zeff. His finest work to date. He has pushed the boundaries of technology with microprocessor control of an analog amplifier.



KAR AMPLIFIERS - The KAR Series Amplifiers are the latest creation from ARC Audio's Development Team and Nikola Engineering. Designed with the philosophy "Everything that matters and nothing that doesn't". This means no compromises to quality or engineering and the use of select only parts and the use of the latest manufacturing techniques.


  XXD AMPLIFIERS - In keeping the quality, reliability, and the performance standards of all ARC Audio products, the XXD aplifier line is ARC Audio's newest addition to its fine line of products. ALL XXD amplifiers incorperate high quality Phillips technologies Chip based output devices in an all ARC Audio in-house design. With Ultra Low ESR high speed output networks, FR4 dual layer PCB's, and fully embedded protection circuits the XXD amplifier will offer you the most bang for the buck at an affordable price while retaining the quality that you have grown to love about ARC Audio products.


Designed and Engineered in the USA, Arc Series components are the answer for music lovers everywhere. If you must hear every detail of your favorite music this set is what your looking for! You owe it to yourself to listen to this remarkable set at your local Arc Audio Dealership.


The KAR Series speaker sets have been engineered to reproduce the musical spectrum in the demanding automotive environment. With today's demanding car audio enthusiast in mind, we have designed these speakers not just with the latest computer modeling systems but also with our ears.

We listened to these speakers until we got it right. You will hear the difference. Experience the sensation of ARC Audio KAR Series. Real Performance begins there.


The term “entry level” has never sounded so good. The XXD speaker line by ARC Audio is a clear representation of how affordable car audio no longer means sacrifice of sound quality, performance and the musical experience.

Using the latest in affordable speaker design technology all XXK speakers offer the same reliable, performance and sound quality based designs that ARC Audio has been know for. Now the bar has been raised as XXD has set the new standard for the “affordable” in-car musical experience.


Are you looking for a sub that can not only get loud but sound great doing it as well? Than the ARC Series Subwoofer is just what your looking for.

This accurate driver can fit in an extremely small enclosure, leaving your trunk empty enough to still use! Feel the chest pounding bass from this natural sounding low frequency transducer




The KAR Series Subwoofers are designed for fast and clean response at high output levels. Optimized for use in small enclosures and build to give high-end sound at a realistic price. ARC Audio is and has always been dedicated to quality sound reproduction. The use of a one-piece injection molded cone and large rubber surround combined with oversized magnets and high excursion motor structure give very high performance with out sacrificing detail of musicality.

The KAR Series Woofers are the new choice for a next generation of auto sound enthusiast.



XXD subwoofers are the new one stop solution to affordable bass and creating that personalized musical experience we all stride to achieve. Using only the most up to date materials the XXD subwoofers optimize reasonable sized enclosures with moderate power demands from your system. Featuring 4 layers Hi-Temp voice coils, dual direction breathable progressive rolled Nomex spiders, and light weight integrated cone/surround designs the XXD subwoofers pack incredible punch and quality allowing you to get the most sound for your investment.